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The Insane Plot To Federalize Elections

There’s no quicker way to destroy this country than Democratic ‘reforms’.

These people want to do the same thing they have done in the one party state of California to the entire United States, and they seem to have come pretty far.

People are beginning to wake up to this—that’s the good news. The bad news is that Democrats are now pursuing ‘voting reform’ with everything they have due to the failure of their ‘build back better‘ initiative.

Democrats are trying to make this country a one party state. They have already done it in California, and you can see the results of that plainly….

Can we afford to let this happen to the entire nation?

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Here are just some of the comments in response to these highly suspect voting schemes and regulations Democrats are attempting to use to create a one party nation:

The Federalist wrote a piece titled “15 Insane Things In Democrats’ H.R. 1 Bill To Corrupt Elections Forever” they mention:

1-Openly Breaks the Constitution

2-Set Up Star Chambers to Intimidate Judges

3-Mandate Mail-in Ballots, 10-Day Delay in Results

4-Eliminate Voter ID Election Security

5-Register Millions Of Criminally Present Foreign Citizens to Vote

6-Explode Opportunities for Election Cheating

7-Prevent Cleaning Up Voter Rolls

8-Unleash Mobs on Political Donors

9-Gerrymander Districts to Favor Democrats

10-Make Vote Hacking Easier

11-Let Former Felons Vote Before They’ve Completed Their Sentences

12-Help 16- and 17-Year-Olds Vote Illegally

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13-Bans Keeping the Records Necessary for an Election Audit or Recount

14-Mandates Ballot Drop Boxes

15-Giving U.S. Territories Extra Democrat Seats in Congress and the Electoral College

I think Ted Cruz best sums up the initiatives by Democrats to change the voting system in America…

These ‘reforms’ invite fraud and are simply a way of creating a one party state in which Democrats are the only party ever elected to office.

In October of 2020 Ted Cruz told us:

According to Just The News, Senator Joe Manchin is standing in the way of his party’s voter ‘reform’:

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., declared Sunday he will oppose his party’s legislation to federalize how elections are conducted, dealing a severe blow to Democratic passage in the evenly divided Senate.

The For The People Act would among other things ban voter ID requirements, mandate mail-in voting options and begin registering voters at age 16. It has faced uniform Republican opposition.

h/t: We Love Trump

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